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Wayman’s Woodstock is No Caricature

As the classic Buffalo Springfield song goes, “there’s something happening here / what it is ain’t exactly clear.” For author and poet Tom Wayman, his latest book, the novel Woodstock Rising, is partly an attempt to glean the lessons of … Continue reading

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Smooth Enough for This Jazz Idiot!

Jaclyn Guillou at the Silverton Gallery, April 7, 2011 I admit it. I’m a jazz idiot. I don’t know my Charlie Parker from my Dizzy Gillespie. Although I have been called a walking rock and blues encyclopedia. (No pop quizzes, … Continue reading

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The Sainted Bluebells

—Although this is an older poem, written 2003 in Nelson, BC, I thought it appropriate as we emerge from a long, cold winter into the first inklings of sun-stoked spring This is the hour the sky opens her mothering face, … Continue reading

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Wayman Gets Real: The Emptiness of Abstraction: Interview with Tom Wayman, Part Two

See my earlier post for part one of this fascinating interview with Canadian poet and author Tom Wayman. Joyce: What I find fascinating is that if you look south of the border now, you see people like Ferlinghetti, who’s still … Continue reading

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