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Bullying—A Way of Life?

“Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke.” —Benjamin Disraeli It’s strange. We teach our kids that bullying is bad. Yet we live in a culture that glorifies bullying as a way of life. And then we’re surprised when they’re confused, or … Continue reading

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Occupy This Poem, Part Two

2. What the World Needs Now Much has been written about what the Occupy Movement seems to be lacking—leadership, focus, unified goals, etc. Of course, most of this criticism has come from the corporate media, whose owners have a vested interest … Continue reading

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Occupy This Poem, Part One

1. The Charlatans of Paradise  Beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti has written that the poet is a kind of prophet, “the antennae of the race,” tuning into the troubled soul of the world. Not prophetic in the Biblical sense, but in … Continue reading

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