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The Golden Age of Rock ’n Roll: The Dark Side

Part 1: Heavy Metal: Emphasis on Heavy, Not Metal Okay, I admit it. When it comes to music, I’m firmly retro. The music I grew up with is still the best, says I and every other generation since time began. … Continue reading

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Little Laughing Soul: A Child’s Wisdom

I often find myself these days feeling like I should apologize to every child I meet. Although not a parent, if I were, I’d apologize for bringing him or her into this world that we have so badly screwed up … Continue reading

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The Boy in the Cupboard: Harry Potter as Child Migrant Part 2

For some years now I’ve been on what I call the Path of the Ancestors. Certainly I can say that from the start of my ‘quest’ to write my book about the British Home Children in Western Canada, the ancestral … Continue reading

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