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How Facebook Made A Fool of Me (And All of Us)

Facebook made a fool of me, and of us all. This so-called ‘social media’ is—like so many things in this Orwellian age—the very antithesis of sociability. Orwell would have shuddered at the ‘doublespeak’ but then we live in an age … Continue reading

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Through the Eyes of A Child Migrant—A Review

A Review of Patricia Skidmore’s Marjorie Too Afraid to Cry It’s the best-kept secret in Canadian history—the 100,000 or more children sent from the slums and orphanages of Britain to work as indentured servants on Canadian farms and in our … Continue reading

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The Farce of Awards—Part Two

This interview with Tom Wayman took place at Selkirk College, Castlegar, BC in April 2011. I post it here as part of my article The Farce of Awards. Just as an individual often passes through a period of re-examination during … Continue reading

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The Farce of Awards—Part One

Why is it that we find a barnyard animal more attractive when it has a blue ribbon tied around its neck? Why do we engage in the process of setting up awards and contests—other than the potential financial rewards for … Continue reading

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The Golden Age of Rock ’n Roll 2: The Day Rock ’n Roll Died

Alvin Lee is dead. Taken at just 68 by the evasive ‘complications from a routine operation.’ The passing of musical prodigies like Alvin Lee means the passing of a great generation. A generation that had more deep, original talent per … Continue reading

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Retired Naval Officer Warns of Wireless Dangers

You and your children are being experimented upon without your consent, thanks to the wireless revolution. That’s the message of former Canadian Navy Captain Jerry Flynn, who spoke at the Slocan Park Hall in BC’s beautiful Slocan Valley on February … Continue reading

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