Retired Naval Officer Warns of Wireless Dangers

You and your children are being experimented upon without your consent, thanks to the wireless revolution. That’s the message of former Canadian Navy Captain Jerry Flynn, who spoke at the Slocan Park Hall in BC’s beautiful Slocan Valley on February 3rd. Flynn worked in signals intelligence and radio warfare and in National Defense headquarters at Ottawa in its Directorate of Electronic Warfare unit.

The community hall was jammed to standing room only with over 100 people eager to hear Flynn speak on the dangers of wireless.  Flynn said he came out of retirement because “the telecom industry everywhere is concealing the truth about the harmful effects of low power, pulsed energy signals being used for wireless communications.” Flynn has spoken in 10 BC communities so far and is continuing with a busy speaking schedule across the province. Concern for his grandchildren drew him out of retirement. “I’m 77 years old and I have no business being up here in front of an audience. But then one day I got a call from my daughter asking if I knew anything about smart meters.”

The beautiful Slocan River: residents here are very protective of this valley's environment. Photo Sean Arthur Joyce

The beautiful Slocan River: residents here are very protective of this valley’s environment. Photo Sean Arthur Joyce

Through a combination of his career experience and Internet research, Flynn quickly realized that both military applications and the new generation of wireless smart meters use the same frequency spectrum. By 1971 the US Naval Research Institute knew of 2300 illnesses related to microwave exposure or what was then known as ‘microwave sickness.’ He described the popular 2.4 Gigahertz signal range as “one of the most lethal frequencies known to science.”

But from the start of his presentation, Flynn was careful to make the link between all forms of wireless devices—cell phones, WiFi, cordless DECT phones, iPads, Bluetooth, GPS satellites, Tetra networks and baby monitors. The appliance industries are selling a new generation of home appliances, all of which communicate wirelessly. Combined with the two wireless transmitters in a ‘smart’ meter, that will mean 17 transmitters in every home, assuming 15 appliances in an average household.

“This technology has been around for 30 years so they HAVE had time to study the effects and they know the latency period for cancer is 10 years,” said Flynn. “The shame of it is that this stuff should be taught in medical school but it isn’t. I’ve written to the CMA, I’ve written to the Cancer Society and I don’t even get an answer. It’s disgraceful.”

Retired Canadian Naval officer Jerry Flynn demonstrates the use of an RF spectrum analyzer. Photo Sean Arthur Joyce

Retired Canadian Naval officer Jerry Flynn demonstrates the use of an RF spectrum analyzer. Photo Sean Arthur Joyce

He cited the ‘layering’ effect of having all these devices transmitting radiofrequency signals, adding to cumulative exposure. Flynn said if you could see the resulting ‘electrosmog’ it would be as thick as the visible smog in Beijing or Hong Kong. Scientists estimate that Earth’s level of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is now 100-200 million times greater than it was 100 years ago and that it has increased one million times in just the last decade. This is unprecedented in human history. All wireless transmitting devices emit EMR but none more so than wireless smart meters in meshed grid networks, which unlike personal devices operate 24/7 and can’t be turned off.

“None of these devices have proven safe; Health Canada does not require any of the industries to prove their devices are safe.” Flynn added that government has been dominated by industry in irresponsibly introducing this technology. Flynn noted his counterpart Barrie Trower, who worked in microwave warfare for British intelligence and is also now speaking out in his retirement. Trower cites a 1976 document that lists all the known health effects from microwave exposure and urges secrecy it must be kept secret to protect military and commercial interests. . (See

We’re dialling up trouble with our heavy reliance on wireless technologies. Many studies show a doubling of cancer risk with heavy use over a 10-year period. Courtesy ResourceNATION

Flynn supported all of his statements with references to source documents and studies as well as repeated statements of concern by physicians and scientists, including one signed by 6,000 German doctors. He explained how the telecommunications industry was able to place its own advocate, Dr. Michael Repacholi, at the head of the World Health Organization’s International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection panel (ICNIRP). The result was an exposure standard that is inadequate to protect public health. Colombian physician Dr. Carlos Sosa has said, “The international epidemic of the microwave syndrome is getting to levels of genocide. As long as the cell phone industry owns the WHO, the genocide will proceed.”

(For statements of concern by physicians and scientists see: The Freiberger Appeal, See also the Seletun Scientific Statement,, and the International Doctors Appeal 2012,

CWTA head Bernard Lord: greasing the wheels for the telecommunications industry.

The telecommunication industry’s Canadian point man is Bernard Lord, head of the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA). The CWTA has provided major funding for the University of Ottawa’s R. Samuel McLaughlin Centre, which advises Health Canada on exposure standards. Consequently Canada has the worst exposure standards in the world, allowing for thousands of times higher EMR than countries such as Russia, China, Italy, France, Australia, and most European countries. (See

“That’s why I came out of retirement; this is obscene—I’m being experimented on without my consent for my entire lifetime,” said Flynn.

Scientists too have described the proliferation of microwave-based radiation as the biggest human experiment in history. This, despite the fact that the Nuremberg Code prohibits human experimentation without express consent, as does the Declaration of Geneva. Yet at no time were citizens consulted nor informed of the specific risks by the telecommunications industry. (

Flynn’s other concern is national security. He’s written the Ministry of Defense and Prime Minister Harper telling them Canada has been put in a position of extreme vulnerability because there are so many electronic warfare weapons that will destroy wireless communications. Meanwhile nations such as China are building a fibre-optic based smart meter network.

BC Southern Interior MP Alex Atamanenko is one of the few Parlimentarians calling for a rewriting of Health Canada’s inadequate Safety Code 6 electromagnetic radiation exposure standards.

The presentation was introduced by Cliff Paluck of the West Kootenay Concerned Citizens Alliance (WKCCA) and by local activist Daphne Fields, who has registered as an intervenor in the Fortis application to install a wireless ‘smart’ meter network in the lower Slocan Valley. Paluck had applied to become an intervenor for a Castlegar chapter of Citizens for Safe Technology (CST) but was advised by lawyer David Aaron that CST was already an intervenor. So Paluck formed WKCCA to add his voice to the growing chorus of ‘smart’ meter dissenters. MP Alex Atamanenko was also present for Flynn’s talk.

(Watch this brief but pointed statement by Dr. David Carpenter, Dean of the School of Public Health at the University of Albany, New York:

First published in the Valley Voice, February 20, 2013 (

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  1. Kim Goldberg says:

    Jerry spoke in Nanaimo too. Very important information – and he has a wealth of it with his specialized military background. We had an excellent turn-out in Nanaimo. Clearly people want this information.

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