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Mohawk the Starling—Part 2

2. Breaking the Language Barrier and The Wisdom of Play Mohawk the Starling basks in Carol Pettigrew’s almost round-the-clock care, even as Carol herself struggles with emphysema. Determined soul that she is, the oxygen tank she’s forced to drag around … Continue reading

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Mohawk the Starling—Contact Across the Veil

1. Mohawk the Starling Gets Personal Today I met Mohawk the Starling.* He lives at Carol Pettigrew’s BEAKS (Bird Emergency and Kare Society) in a small neighbourhood known as Blueberry, just steps away from the banks of the Columbia River … Continue reading

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The Golden Age of Rock ’n Roll Part 3—The Seventies’ New Classicism

No wonder people said it was as if gods walked among us again. Yeah, I know, that idea was mocked even in the day. But let’s be clear and not mistake the metaphor. If by ‘gods’ you mean humans who … Continue reading

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Dear Justin Trudeau

I wrote this letter spontaneously in response to the LeadNow campaign ( promoting inter-party cooperation in the next national election and for support for electoral reform. I’ve long been a supporter of proportional representation and the excellent advocacy done by Fair … Continue reading

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The Body of Pablo Neruda

—upon learning that Neruda’s body will be exhumed on April 8, 2013 to determine if he was poisoned as part of the CIA-backed overthrow of Chile’s Allende government   My lips open over all time, and all time, Not just … Continue reading

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