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‘Smart’ Meter Victory a Hollow One

I had hoped to avoid any more activist posts during the holiday season. However, recent reports in the media about BC Hydro claiming ‘victory’ for its ‘smart’ meter program compelled me to provide the other side of that picture. As … Continue reading

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Gilgamesh and Civilization

For months now I’ve been intending to publish this essay to coincide with the exhibition of Mesopotamian antiquities at the Royal Ontario Museum. ( Unfortunately the Lemon Creek jet fuel spill happened this summer so I didn’t get to Ontario to … Continue reading

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Notes from the Endgame 2: Streamkeepers issues report

Reporting on lab tests is never sexy, but we can thank our lucky stars that here in the Slocan Valley, we have an independent body testing our watershed. In response to community outrage over the almost non-existent drinking water testing … Continue reading

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