Children’s Ghosts video launch

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but there’s no substitute for reading the book. My nine-year-old nephew Christopher has to read the book before he sees the movie—he’s already read the entire Harry Potter series three times and is now working on Percy Jackson. But these days it’s hard to have one without the other. With these thoughts in mind I’m releasing the promotional video for Laying the Children’s Ghosts to Rest, produced by iCandy Films.

Gladys Martin is among thousands of the unsung heroes of Canadian history. And 'cover girl' for Children's Ghosts. Photo courtesy Irene Campbell

Gladys Martin is among thousands of the unsung heroes of Canadian history. And ‘cover girl’ for Children’s Ghosts. Photo courtesy Irene Campbell

I have to say I’m stunned by the quality of this clip. iCandy Films is Isaac Ramana Carter and his lovely partner Orsi Benkoczi (‘ben-co-zee’), who have produced promotional videos for artists in Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Denmark and Canada. Orsi grew up in a small village near Budapest, Hungary. She is a delightful, competent person, like Isaac. Some lucky young people seem to know almost instantly in life what they are meant to do with their talents—these two definitely fall into that gifted category. At a launch this spring at New Denver’s Hidden Garden Gallery, Isaac and Orsi premiered a selection of their promos and short films. It was a case of ‘hometown boy makes good’ and I mean not a word of false flattery—the production values were top-notch, the imagery breathtaking.

You can visit the iCandy Films website here:

Some have asked about the soft “scratching” sound in the background to the Children’s Ghosts clip. This is actually the sound of a pen on paper, a nostalgic nod to the writer’s craft. Though I write my books with a word processor like anyone else, I still often find I like to write poems with a pen. There’s an immediacy in the tactile sense of scribing on a medium that isn’t quite there with a computer keyboard. The original word for writer—a scribe, is from the Latin ‘scriba,’ a writer, or ‘scribere,’ to write, from the original, “to scratch or cut slightly,” as ancient scribes had to do with a medium such as wet clay or papyrus. (A Concise Etymological Dictionary of the English Language, Walter Skeat, GP Putnam’s Sons, New York, 1980) I’d be curious of chameleonfire1 readers’ reaction to the sound, if they even notice it.

BREAKING NEWS: My publisher Paul Wilson at Hagios Press tells me the first edition of Children’s Ghosts has now sold out after only 10 weeks since the book launch! That print run was 900 and the second edition will go to press shortly. Though 900 copies may not sound like a lot, for a small Canadian press it’s substantial. Small presses in Canada have been the lifeblood of building a distinctly Canadian literature. It seems more and more unlikely large corporate publishers will produce much cutting-edge work, in deference to the bottom line. So I’m proud to be with a ‘small but mighty’ publisher like Hagios, which is racking up awards for its authors’ books.

So to booksellers, I say: Please bear with us while we get shelves re-stocked. And to readers I can only say: Thanks for sharing this most vital Canadian story with me. It continues…

NOTE: You can also use this link to visit my Facebook page where you can view the video…

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