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The Power of Questions: Pablo Neruda’s The Book of Questions

INTRODUCTION In celebration of National Poetry Month I have two things happening this April: 1. A new collection of poems being released this month by New Orphic Publishers of Nelson, BC, titled The Price of Transcendence. Some of the poems … Continue reading

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Exorcising Demons (Part 2: poem)

UPDATE: I wrote this poem following a harrowing period in my life during the latter days of the Stephen Harper regime, when he appointed Steven Blaney as his Minister of National Security. Photos of the man expostulating in Parliament were … Continue reading

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Exorcising the Demons of Fear Part 1

The task of confronting the brutal, destructive elements of the Shadow has become … the inescapable destiny of our species: if we fail, we cannot hope to survive. …It is the Shadow problem of our time. —‘The Shadow in History and … Continue reading

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