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A Myth is Not a Lie Pt. 3

My Own ‘Hero’s Adventure’ “In the old Irish poets and writers we find a man reckoned wealthy not by what he has but by what he gives.” —Seamus McManus[1] So now I strike out on a new Hero’s Journey, a … Continue reading

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A Myth is Not a Lie Pt. 2

The Writer’s Journey “Mythology is not a lie, mythology is poetry; it is metaphorical. It has been well said the mythology is the penultimate truth—penultimate because the ultimate cannot be put into words.”  —Joseph Campbell[1] “The Hero’s Journey is not … Continue reading

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A Myth is Not a Lie Pt. 1

INTRODUCTION: When I originally wrote this essay, I succumbed to the temptation of so many writers in quoting the famous speech by Chief Seattle. It’s probably the most quoted speech of any noted aboriginal figure in Western history. There’s only … Continue reading

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Margoshes’ Wager a Novel Leap of Imagination

INTRODUCTION: This week I’m featuring an interview with novelist Dave Margoshes, whose earlier novel Drowning Man I reviewed favourably in this blog on November 17, 2014 as The Lost Kootenay Novel. (See Book Reviews thread.) This year the prolific Margoshes … Continue reading

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Archaeologists excavate aboriginal pit house sites in Slocan Valley

A steady stream of people responded to an invitation to the open house for the Sinixt archaeological pit house site near Lemon Creek on Sunday, July 12, hosted by Drs. Nathan Goodale and Alissa Nauman. Students from the archaeology program at … Continue reading

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The Atomization of Dissent—Social Media and Democracy

INTRODUCTION: This essay was submitted to the annual Dalton Camp Award, which offers a $10,000 prize for writing that links journalism and democracy. Read the winning essay here. “Totalitarianism undermines civil society through the atomization of individual citizens. …totalitarian states … Continue reading

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