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Prog Lives! Part 1: The Lost Masters: Eloy

It’s one of those moments where you realize: Oh, my God. I completely missed a phenomenon. Or maybe it wasn’t a phenomenon—that’s why I missed it. I take pride in my knowledge of rock music since the 1960s and the … Continue reading

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Early 21st Century Masters

By now it’s become axiomatic that rock ’n rollers seldom age well. Rock music was, after all, forged in the newly emergent youth culture of the 1950s and it was young people who were its most ardent practitioners. But what … Continue reading

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Kirkaldy Saves the Bears with Brush and Palette

Anyone who knows art is probably aware that Robert Bateman, the preeminent wildlife artist who lives on BC’s West Coast, is an avid conservationist and gives thousands of dollars to support his preferred causes, including wildlife protection. But far fewer … Continue reading


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