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The Evolutionary’s Manifesto: The Way Forward or Pie in the Sky?

Cover image from Evolutionaries, an important book for social progressives. Carter Phipps in his book Evolutionaries cites John Stewart’s 2008 evolutionary manifesto, in which he calls upon “intentional evolutionaries” to “recognize that they have a critical role to play in … Continue reading

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Evolutionaries vs. The Psychopath Factor

There’s a classic scene in the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie when Indiana Jones is faced with an expert swordsman in an Arab marketplace.[1] Realizing he’s hopelessly outclassed, Jones simply pulls out his revolver and shoots the man. This … Continue reading

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The Great Chameleon Leaves Us Part 3: 21st Century Comeback

Yesterday (February 10) was a month to the day since Bowie’s death, which continues to haunt me for very personal reasons. I felt I should mark that moment with the third installment in my series on his music. Bowie was … Continue reading

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