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Shattered Hallelujah: Tribute to Leonard Cohen

Shattered Hallelujah   Darkness closes its fist over the season, November rain clamps down the sky, the day awash in night’s wreckage. Summer’s cumulus gone, clouds prick my bones with steely fingers, a flute straining for music.   One by … Continue reading

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Trumplandia: The Shadow’s Ascendancy

“An enemy is like a treasure found in my house, won without labour of mine; I must cherish him, for he is a helper in the way of Enlightenment.”[1] —Santi-Deva “Democracy substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the … Continue reading

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YouTube launch of Dead Crow and The Muse

Well, let’s hope it’s true that it’s better late than never. Today marks the launch of my first poetry video, The Muse: Chameleon Fire, on YouTube—15 years after it was made. The poems were originally part of a limited edition, handmade … Continue reading

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