Questioning the COVID Narrative

Thomas Paine portrait courtesy of US National Portrait Gallery.

“The greatest tyrannies are always perpetuated in the name of the noblest causes.” —Thomas Paine

A little healthy skepticism goes a long way. Not only does it protect us from the many ways we can be defrauded in the marketplace, it acts as a first-rate intellectual tool when applied intelligently. As Freddie Sayers recently wrote on UnHerd, “At times of crisis, scepticism can be unnerving and the temptation to try to silence dissenting voices is understandable. But which is the bigger danger? That people are allowed to question the orthodoxy and potentially get things wrong but are held accountable in an open debate? Or that sceptical voices are censored for “misinformation,” and no one dares dissent? Everyone loses when doubt becomes a vice once more.”[1]

If ever there was a need for scepticism, it’s now, during the longest lockdown—for millions of people, let’s call it what it is: house arrest—in history. But this isn’t mere scepticism for its own sake. More precisely, it’s a process of intelligent enquiry. This was best illustrated 2,500 years ago when Socrates provided us with a first-rate intellectual tool kit for discerning truth. In his method, questions are asked continually until a contradiction is exposed, thus proving the fallacy of the initial assumption.

The Sixties expression “Question everything,” or, even more appropriately, “Question authority,” effectively captures the essence of the Socratic method. It’s just as useful today, when both government and health authorities contradict themselves constantly yet expect us to believe their ‘answers.’ And when you see authorities covering their tracks by erasing contradictory videos and articles from the Internet, you have to suspect their version of reality isn’t as sound as they’d like us to think it is. We’re very much in the realm of George Orwell’s dystopia, with its Ministry of Truth constantly rewriting history to suit its political and economic ends.

So here’s a list of nine questions to get you started. Note that each heading could inspire many more questions leading in a logical thread from the ones I’ve listed. For a much longer but very rewarding discussion along similar lines, read John Griffin’s “Covid Odyssey,” which uses Homer’s classic tale as a framework for exploring the logical and ethical fallacies of the official Covid narrative.[2]

1) Is it right that BC Community Paramedics should be forced to abandon home visits to their chronically ill, housebound patients? This contravenes the right of every Canadian to full access to medical treatment under the Canada Health Act, whose mandate is “to protect, promote and restore the physical and mental well-being of residents of Canada and to facilitate reasonable access to health services without financial or other barriers.”[3] Home visits by paramedics performing regular medical checkups on patients is all that stands between them and incarceration in a long-term care ward or nursing home, where the vast majority of Covid deaths have occurred in Canada.

2) Is it right that I should be made to feel terrorized—as if I were a criminal—every time I step out of my house, simply for not wearing a mask? Yet we have the top medical officials in both Canada and the US—Dr. Teresa Tam and Dr. Anthony Fauci—on video in May 2020 stating that masks are ineffective in preventing the spread of viral transmission. In addition, their effectiveness does not hold up to scientific scrutiny in the vast majority of peer-reviewed papers.[4] Even where regulations allow for medical exemptions such as in British Columbia, I’ve been subject to discrimination by businesses for not wearing a mask. This exposes businesses struggling to survive under lockdown to potential BC Human Rights Tribunal lawsuits, where settlements begin in the $35,000–70,000 range. Meanwhile, a New England Journal of Medicine report published May 21, 2020 cited Dr. Fauci as stating that “wearing masks serve symbolic roles,” and that “wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection.”[5]

3) Is it right that thousands of Canadians cannot properly honour their deceased loved ones in a public funeral ceremony? My mother died in October and my father has yet to be allowed to inter her ashes. Yet humans have laid their dead to rest with ceremony for at least 100,000 years; according to archaeologists, even precursor species to Homo sapiens did so. It’s the first evidence we have of human culture, even before music, written language and the other arts. That we are being denied this fundamental human right is evidence that our authorities are morally bankrupt. No society that calls itself “civilized” has ever allowed this. Funerals are an essential part of the grieving process and preventing them adds trauma to our grief.[6]

4) Is it right that small businesses should be forced to adopt unscientific “workplace safety” measures that further restrict our rights, cause business owners unnecessary expense and effort, and force them to act as mini-police? Is it right that they can be shut down while big box corporate stores carry on their business unmolested, as in the famous Adamson Barbecue case? We need to boycott these corporations and support our local businesses. But equally, local business owners need to support their communities by not preventing access to their products and services.[7] The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms—which police are sworn to uphold—states clearly that, “Every citizen of Canada and every person who has the status of a permanent resident of Canada has the right to pursue the gaining of a livelihood in any province.”[8]

Further, most Occupational Health and Safety regulations in Canada require employers to provide a work environment that meets the minimum threshold of 19.5% oxygen by volume. WorkSafe BC mandates that any respirator required for the workplace meet this standard.[9] Yet surgical facemasks and cloth masks when tested have been shown to be two percent below that threshold. Thus, our government is placing businesses in a conflict of interest and potentially endangering life, as in the case of a BC construction worker who fell to his death from a 60-foot scaffold due his mask fogging up safety glasses. WorkSafe BC notes that there are medical conditions that preclude the wearing of a mask or respirator, including: “claustrophobia; problems with breathing during normal work activities; a history of breathing problems such as asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, or shortness of breath; high blood pressure or heart disease; use of medications with side effects that might affect lung or heart function or cause drowsiness or lowered alertness; diabetes; seizure disorders; facial skin problems; physical factors that make it hard to put on or adjust the respirator, such as arthritic or missing fingers or a limited range of motion in the upper body; past problems with respirator use.”[10]

German neurophysiologist Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson predicts that there will be a “tsunami of dementia years down the road” due to children suffering oxygen deprivation from wearing masks.[11] What the media isn’t telling parents, besides this vital fact, is that BC regulations permit children 12 and under to go without a mask. (They’re in the near-zero risk category for contracting Covid.)

5) Is it right that our journalists should be muzzled, that any point of view contrary to the official government narrative is crushed out of existence? Is it right that the CBC—funded by our tax dollars—should fail its duty to Canadians by failing to present ALL the facts? Journalists too need to be responsible for practicing their craft in good conscience, using their investigative skills to present every side of the COVID issue, not just the one handed to them, which therefore amounts to propaganda, not journalism.[12]

6) Is it right to empty hospitals for a virus the US CDC has admitted has an average recovery rate of 99.96%,[13] causing the postponement of life-saving surgeries for cancer, heart disease, and other conditions? In Ontario alone, 148,000 cancer procedures have been cancelled or delayed. The health ministry there estimates it would take 7 years to clear the backlog. Inevitably, this means many will die before receiving treatment.[14] Many others have died from heart attacks, stroke and other chronic conditions due to being too afraid to go to hospital. (See #7 footnotes.)

7) Is it right to carry out what the World Economic Forum has admitted is “possibly the largest psychological experiment ever done on humanity,”[15] when this has led to a doubling of opioid overdoses in BC, and by some estimates, a tripling of suicides?[16] The report Flying Blind, produced by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms and based on Canadian statistical data collected since the spring 2020 lockdown concludes that lockdown measures have caused far more deaths than COVID.[17] A similar report, “Why Lockdowns Don’t Work and Hurt the Most Vulnerable,” compiled from worldwide data by Dr. Joseph Mercola, comes to a similar conclusion. In the US, “more than 40 states have reported increases in opioid-related mortality as well as ongoing concerns for those with a mental illness or substance use disorder,” citing an American Medical Association (AMA) report updated December 9, 2020.[18]

8) Is it right that our democracy has been suspended under “state of emergency” legislation rushed into action without any parliamentary vote or even a debate? BC since June 2020 has been under rule by executive order thanks to Bill-19, which has the capacity to extend emergency powers indefinitely. That means the Premier and Cabinet can issue orders through the Lieutenant-Governor that have the force of law but with no constitutional checks or balances. The BC Ombudsperson has already issued a report on the Bill stating that, “It is important to note that the issue here is not whether the content of any particular order is wise or unwise,” observes the report. “Without legal authority to amend a statute, the minister cannot legitimately exercise that role, no matter how noble the purpose.”[19]

9) And last but never least, is it right that our seniors are being left to die alone after all they’ve done for this country? Many of them are war veterans who put their lives and lifetime health at risk fighting for the very freedoms we are now losing with barely a whimper from our elected representatives or media. And now nursing homes are being told, “Don’t worry if you start to see your elderly patients dying after they get the COVID vaccine!”[20] This is INHUMAN. Over 80% of Canada’s COVID deaths have been in seniors’ nursing homes—the worst death rate for seniors in care in 18 nations. Conditions in these homes were described by Dr. Nathan Stall as “our national shame.”[21] Again, no civilization in history has allowed such a genocide of their elders to take place.


This is not about rules, but fundamental human principles of human dignity and freedom. Rules, except in sport, are almost always a prison, the jailer someone promising to take care of your best interests. Paine again: “The greatest tyrannies are always carried out in the name of the noblest causes.” American constitutional co-author Thomas Jefferson said: “When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.” Similarly, Mahatma Gandhi once said: “It is a duty to resist unjust laws.” Indians had been subjected to a grotesquely unjust salt tax by the British colonial government. Salt is essential to life, just as clean water is; depriving poor people of free access to either is to condemn them to death. This is one reason why Gandhi led tens of thousands of Indians on the Great Salt March in 1930 to protest this unjust law and demand a voice in the government of their own country. It was an essential step toward Indian sovereignty and self-government.

Seeing through phony narratives isn’t really all that hard. Certainly not rocket science. Some simple useful principles include: Follow the Money, Who Benefits? Who Pays? And other versatile variants of the Socratic Method.

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4 Responses to Questioning the COVID Narrative

  1. Dave says:

    Some valid points indeed. I note that these are not necessarily your own thoughts Sean or should I say beliefs. In Australia and NZ we have adopted what is considered worlds best practise. Here in Victoria, Australia we are blessed with Zero cases now for some 18 – 20 days of community transmission. I understand that we are pursued by organisations to seek advice as how we did this. Well there have been mistakes made along the way. But essentially movement needs to be restricted of the population, masks are, or were compulsory, hand sanitation points everywhere, isolation of people in supermarkets where possible or businesses closed if not possible.
    Bottom line don’t follow the US model(not sure what is happening in BC)but it does take a community effort.
    Does all the above impinge on civil liberties, you bet it does. Does the virus care about civil liberties. No it doesn’t. Does the virus obey fairness and social equality as it infects people. Nuh!
    You may feel warm and fuzzy by doing nothing and carrying on a so called normal life. But this is exacting what the virus needs to multiply amongst you.

  2. Dave: You’ve missed the entire point of my article, which is to stimulate readers to use the Socratic Method of questioning the official narrative. So, if authorities are so certain of their facts, why the need to suppress and censor all information to the contrary? Is this how science is supposed to work: I say it’s this way and no other data is allowed into the discussion? Why the need to destroy the reputations of world-renowned epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists who are explaining that lockdowns don’t work? Why are more and more nurses coming out to testify that they saw hospital records falsified, so that non-Covid patients were listed as Covid patients, thus driving up the case numbers? Why suppress access to affordable alternatives to vaccines, such as high-dose Vitamin C, Vitamin D and hydroxychloroquine—a drug with a 60-year track record of safety that has been used by doctors to successfully treat Covid patients? Why resort to such draconian, police state measures to force compliance when the best science we have indicates that the actual Infection Mortality Rate (NOT Case Fatality Rate, which provides a falsely inflated death rate) is around 0.26%. Why is the PCR test being used to diagnose Covid when its inventor Kary Mullis is on record as stating that is was never intended to be used as a diagnostic tool? Why are children being kept away from school or asked to wear masks when they are in the very least risk category by the US Centers for Disease Control’s own statistics? Why are more and more police associations in Canada hiring lawyers to represent them because officers are being asked to violate the constitutional rights they swore to uphold in their oath as public servants? Why the constant refrain of FEAR in the media when statistics show death rates overall are no different than any other average year? Start using the Socratic Method as I’ve demonstrated here and it’s not rocket science to see we are being lied to on a global scale. A couple of other useful principles: Follow the Money: who benefits from all this? It certainly isn’t you or me. Do your own research. Read for content, not for reputation. KILL YOUR TV if you want to have your own mind back.

    • Dave says:

      I do get the point. Here in Oz we have a different approach. Sure we have dopey politicians and regulators just as you do. And don’t get me started re the vested interests selling stuff that is basically snake oil. Chemist shops or drug stores as you call them are full of useless stuff claiming all sorts of cures.
      For us here with a smaller population, locked down has worked. As has contact tracing, mask wearing and son on. We are isolated as a country from the rest of the world so containment has been easier.

  3. Dave: If there’s any “snake oil” being sold to the public it’s these experimental biological agents they are calling a “Covid vaccine,” with never before used mRNA technology that has skipped standard animal trials, neutral placebos and other basic scientific processes and rushed to market in a fraction of the time it normally takes to develop a vaccine. Already thousands are being permanently injured by these “vaccines” and many have died, including people who previously had no chronic health conditions. Dr. Simone Gold explains the whole scam here, and she is just one of many doctors, nurses and lawyers who have blown the whistle on this fraud:—the-truth-about-the-cv19-vaccine?channelName=RemnantTV
    Meanwhile the “snake oil” you’re likely referring to, hydroxychloroquine, has a 60-year track record of safety for treating malaria, lupus and other conditions. The group America’s Frontline Doctors has testified that in treating hundreds of cases of Covid, not one patient has been lost using this treatment. The famous Lancet study claiming that it didn’t work for Covid HAD TO BE RETRACTED AS FRAUDULENT.

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