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Historical Lifelines of Kootenay Lake

A review of Connecting the Kootenays: The Kootenay Lake Ferries, by Michael A. Cone, non-fiction/regional history, 2022. For thousands of years prior to the building of the Roman roads, humanity’s highways were rivers, lakes, oceans and seas. It simply made … Continue reading

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The Price of Freedom: A Book Review

We can be thankful that nothing disappears without a trace. The steps of our ancestors continue to resound into the present. This is one of the realizations I had while reading Vera Maloff’s fine new book, Our Back Warmed by … Continue reading

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Don’t Panic: ‘Plagues and Peoples’ Offers Hope

We all know the old proverb about the only two sure things in life being death and taxes. But we could add a third certainty: plagues and pandemics, though obviously that would fit in the ‘death’ category. Rather than being … Continue reading

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