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Chameleonfire Book Club: Part Two

Shakespeare, The Biography by Peter Ackroyd Ackroyd deftly avoids the numerous traps of the Shakespearian academic industry with its many divergent, often crackpot theories about who The Bard was or wasn’t. The most ridiculous example is probably the one espoused … Continue reading

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The Christmas Tree Hunt

A Selection from Personal Mythologies It seems strange that of all my childhood memories of Christmas, only one seems to spring readily to mind—the annual Christmas tree hunt I enjoyed as a boy. But as a writer, I have to … Continue reading

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A True Gentleman Leaves Us His Best

The term ‘gentleman’ in today’s anti-social media world may seem quaint, even antiquated. With blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and even just email, it’s far too easy to lose civility—just a click away to vent your spleen. The concept of the gentleman … Continue reading

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