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Margoshes’ Wager a Novel Leap of Imagination

INTRODUCTION: This week I’m featuring an interview with novelist Dave Margoshes, whose earlier novel Drowning Man I reviewed favourably in this blog on November 17, 2014 as The Lost Kootenay Novel. (See Book Reviews thread.) This year the prolific Margoshes … Continue reading

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Dee Hobsbawn-Smith: Three Books, Many Roads

Food, big sky, horses, love, loss, redemption. How Canadian is that? To find out, check out one of the readings by Saskatchewan-based author dee Hobsbawn-Smith, who will be visiting the north Slocan Valley as part of her Western Canada tour. … Continue reading

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The Lost Kootenay Novel

“…a man in deep waters, just about to go over his head.” —Dave Margoshes, Drowning Man I believe I’ve found the ‘lost’ Kootenay novel—Dave Margoshes’ 2003 book Drowning Man. This superbly crafted work of literary fiction continually astonishes the reader with … Continue reading

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Awakening from the Nightmare of History

“History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake.” —James Joyce, Ulysses Joyce’s quote, one of the most famous in recent literary history, seems more apt than ever at this time in the 21st century. Without debating the merits … Continue reading

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Blood on the Snow

“You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.” —Alan Furst (quoted in Dirty Snow) At last! A Canadian poet writes about this country’s involvement in the Afghan war, and does so with skill and keen insight. … Continue reading

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Occupy This Poem, Part Two

2. What the World Needs Now Much has been written about what the Occupy Movement seems to be lacking—leadership, focus, unified goals, etc. Of course, most of this criticism has come from the corporate media, whose owners have a vested interest … Continue reading

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A True Gentleman Leaves Us His Best

The term ‘gentleman’ in today’s anti-social media world may seem quaint, even antiquated. With blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and even just email, it’s far too easy to lose civility—just a click away to vent your spleen. The concept of the gentleman … Continue reading

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