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Death by Bureaucrat

Death by Bureaucrat. It’s a helluva way for a civilization to go. And I don’t just mean government bureaucrats. I’m talking about the whole executive and professional class. This class is in single-minded pursuit of a platinum card lifestyle at … Continue reading

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The Pathology of Wealth

Another day, another $46,634. That is, if you’re among Canada’s top 100 CEOs, who pocketed that amount by 1:11 pm January 2, the first official day of work this New Year. This figure comes from the Canadian Centre for Policy … Continue reading

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Occupy Love—An Exercise in Hope or Futility?

Warning: review may include spoilers Occupy Love (http://occupylove.org/), the latest in filmmaker Velcrow Ripper’s Fierce Love Trilogy of social activist documentaries, poses the existential question of our era—Can the forces of love triumph over the forces of corporate and governmental … Continue reading

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The Book of Invasions Part 3

3. ‘Connect, Only Connect’ So the question remains: how do we maintain our connection to the planet? Or should that be: How do we reconnect with this lovely planet? And can that prevent us from pushing the environment over the … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Bill Gates

This was written during our rant workshop at the recent Convergence Writers’ Retreat in New Denver. It has actually morphed into more of an essay, as I wanted to moderate the tone a little into one of an appeal rather … Continue reading

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The Bard of Christmas Past

Introduction It seems as I get older I find it harder and harder to get into the spirit of the Christmas season. Not the socializing, well-wishing part of it, but the perennial quandary over gift-giving and the continuous commercial pressure … Continue reading

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On the Wrong Side of History

Never in recent history since pre-World War II British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain have our ‘leaders’ been so out of step with the general populace. Or for that matter, with the tide of history—not for nothing has the ‘Occupy Wall … Continue reading

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