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Shattered Hallelujah: Tribute to Leonard Cohen

Shattered Hallelujah   Darkness closes its fist over the season, November rain clamps down the sky, the day awash in night’s wreckage. Summer’s cumulus gone, clouds prick my bones with steely fingers, a flute straining for music.   One by … Continue reading

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Holly & Jon interview: The A–Z of the Blues

INTRODUCTION: I’ve been following the music of Holly and Jon for about 10 years now, ever since being utterly gripped by Holly’s clarion voice and Jon’s pristine blues picking. In the Kootenays they’ve become something of a blues institution along … Continue reading

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Review: Shufflin’ the Blues by Holly & Jon

This is classic blues, all down the line. Jon gets his guitar tone exactly right, no small achievement in a live setting, where even the most rehearsed songs can be subverted by bad acoustics or unexpected PA system fails. There’s … Continue reading

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Introducing Dead Crow: The Video Launch

Imagine a character tens of thousands of years old, a changeling capable of appearing both as a human or a crow. His name is Dead Crow—a demigod changeling with a bad attitude. Now he’s decided for the first time to … Continue reading

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The Great Chameleon Leaves Us Part 3: 21st Century Comeback

Yesterday (February 10) was a month to the day since Bowie’s death, which continues to haunt me for very personal reasons. I felt I should mark that moment with the third installment in my series on his music. Bowie was … Continue reading

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The Great Chameleon Leaves Us Part 2: A Bowie Primer

Birth of a Legend: The Classic ’70s I realize by now many of us may be feeling Bowied-out with the global media coverage following his death, but I wanted to offer my take on a Bowie Listener’s Guide. Taste in … Continue reading

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The Great Chameleon Leaves Us

Rock’s great chameleon—David Bowie—is dead. When the news was gently broken to me Monday morning, I wept. And I’m the furthest thing from a celebrity whore—I couldn’t care less about the lives of the rich and famous. But this is … Continue reading

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