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Margoshes’ Wager a Novel Leap of Imagination

INTRODUCTION: This week I’m featuring an interview with novelist Dave Margoshes, whose earlier novel Drowning Man I reviewed favourably in this blog on November 17, 2014 as The Lost Kootenay Novel. (See Book Reviews thread.) This year the prolific Margoshes … Continue reading

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How Facebook Made A Fool of Me (And All of Us)

Facebook made a fool of me, and of us all. This so-called ‘social media’ is—like so many things in this Orwellian age—the very antithesis of sociability. Orwell would have shuddered at the ‘doublespeak’ but then we live in an age … Continue reading

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Lingering over Valentine’s Day

I confess I’m not much for commercially promoted holidays, though I can hardly profess to ignore them either. I grew up in a family that still had the ghost of the Great Depression hanging over its collective head. So that … Continue reading

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