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Joyce Launches New Poetry Video

Sean Arthur Joyce has a new video out! Titled “The Day After Covid,” it draws together in poetic form a year of research and observations about the “pandemic.” It’s a hopeful message that justice will eventually be served as humanity … Continue reading

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Karl Popper’s Remedy for Failing Democracies

Part 1: The Perennial Revolt Against Freedom Democracy is worth fighting for. That’s a central message of the landmark work of political philosopher Karl Popper, whose book, The Open Society and its Enemies, was forged in the crucible of the … Continue reading

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Writers’ Union of Canada Not Interested in Defending Charter Rights

The following is a letter I sent to the Writers’ Union of Canada (TWUC) National Council and Executive Director John Degen on the occasion of the 2021 Annual General Meeting, expressing my concerns regarding ongoing violations of the Canadian Charter … Continue reading

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