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Brothers in Arms vs. the One Percent

Warning: Article contains spoilers. ‘Brothers in arms’ is one of those old chestnuts that can be taken two ways, like a flip of a coin. Taken in its usual context, it’s a motto for a military unit, the so-called ‘band … Continue reading

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The Naming Day Part 2

Personal Experience with the Naming Day Christopher McLachlan was four months old when his Naming Day ceremony was held in his parents’ garden on June 4, 2005. For both Anne and myself it was one of the most memorable moments … Continue reading

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The Naming Day—Welcoming New Life Part 1

“You have inherited a thousand generations of wisdom, skill, poetry, song, all the sunrises and sunsets of knowledge past. You are the sum of all the people who went before you.” —A Recipe for Dreaming, 1. A Long and Varied … Continue reading

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Literary Gift Boxes—Kootenay Style

“…as she lies there, / the way the fire waits inside the match.” —Daniel Langton, The Woman I Bed, from the New Orphic Review, Spring 2012 If the current issues of two Nelson-based literary magazines are anything to go by, literary … Continue reading

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Touch of Evil a Touch of Genius

It’s fitting that Orson Welles created his great film classics in black and white. He was a master of shadows—of the human shadow. In his restored 1958 masterpiece Touch of Evil, corrupt cop Hank Quinlan is the slimy quintessence of … Continue reading

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