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Tragedy on Slocan Lake: Lantern Ceremony

Wandering into Tragedy Part 2: Lantern Ceremony, Slocan Lake, May 18, 2014 For as long as we’ve been on this planet, light has been a symbol of hope, warmth, rebirth. At Halloween we light bonfires to chase away not only … Continue reading

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Tragedy on Slocan Lake

Wandering into Tragedy Part One: May 10, 2014, 7 pm. It’s not every day you wander into tragedy when you’re out for your evening walk. But that’s what happened to me last night. We’d heard the sirens earlier around dinnertime. And … Continue reading

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Western Canadian book tour

The book is finally out! I say “finally” because, as any author can tell you, the long process of getting a book to press can take years. It’s not unlike the anticipation and stress faced by a mother through the … Continue reading

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Redemption—A Hymn for Canadian Home Children

“Are we a people who have lost our ghosts? Or are we in fact haunted by them, but can’t remember their names?” —Laying the Children’s Ghosts to Rest, Sean Arthur Joyce, Hagios Press 2014 What do I mean by this? I … Continue reading

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Spring in the Mountains: Lemon Creek update

Now that spring has finally arrived here in the mountains, the bullshit just keeps right on flowing along with the glacial melt. As I reported in the April 23 Valley Voice issue (, MLA for Kootenay West Katrine Conroy did a fine … Continue reading

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