Christmas Lockdown

—to all the architects of lockdown, including Bonnie Henry


O you directors of madness,

magicians of chaos, hearts

hard and dead as flint,


your arid carols strike no sparks

of joy, no scintillating

strings of rainbow light.


Your mulled wine loosens

no strained muscle, blunts

the brain but not the pain.


O you ministers of health,

abject machine worshippers,

no pine, spruce or fir exists


that you wouldn’t cut down,

feed into a shredder

and convert to cash so cold


it chills the bone. A snowy

winter wonderland to you

is an insurance risk


to be eliminated under a false

flag of safety. You’d legislate

the dances of sugarplum fairies


out of existence, gag the songs

that cheer the fractured spirit.

Your garlands of silver and gold


are slave chains locking down

the messiah’s holy rebellion

of hope. When—not if—


your narcotic bubble bursts,

the wrath of God will pale

beside the human blizzard


whose grains of ice obliterate all

traces of you. When Earth awakens

with the mountain creeks


your black marrow will melt,

never to heal, and all those

whose animal love for the world


remains alive will smash the locks,

dance on your forgotten ashes

and sing the songs of Creation reborn.



©2020 Sean Arthur Joyce

About seanarthurjoyce

I am a poet, journalist and author with a strong commitment to the environment and social justice. If anything, I have too many interests and too little time in a day to pursue them all. Film, poetry, literature, music, mythology, and history probably top the list. My musical interests lie firmly in rock and blues with a smattering of folk and world music. I consider myself lucky to have lived during the great flowering of modern rock music during its Golden Age in the late 1960s/early '70s. In poetry my major inspirations are Dylan Thomas, Rilke, Neruda and the early 20th century British/American poets: Auden, Eliot, Cummings. My preferred cinema includes the great French auteurs, Kirosawa, Orson Welles, and Film Noir. My preferred social causes are too numerous to mention but include banning GMOs, eliminating poverty (ha-ha), and a sane approach to forest conservation and resource extraction. Wish me—wish us all—luck on that one!
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1 Response to Christmas Lockdown

  1. Dave Chambers says:

    Hi Art
    I have a connection with Sally Lamare, now RIP, sadly. I see her daughter Diana Lamare posted about this. I will leave my email below. Would you be so kind as to forward it on please. I didn’t want to openly leave on the page where I commented on Sally’s passing.
    Cheers Dave

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