Kootenay Residents Join Worldwide Freedom Rallies

The mood in the air was celebration. As part of the globally coordinated series of Freedom rallies, West Kootenay and Slocan Valley residents converged on the small city of Castlegar, British Columbia on Saturday, January 22. About 300 people lined both sides of Columbia Avenue’s 1500 block, raising a forest of colourful placards and cheering wildly as passing drivers honked their support. I’ve been to many rallies over the past two years and this was by far the noisiest, reflecting the mood of celebration—even triumph. Although a sea of white hair has often dominated at rallies, this one was a multi-generational affair. I spoke with one family from Nelson who had three generations there to protest vaccine mandates and other Covid restrictions. As footage of the Vancouver, BC rally shows, thousands of people of all ages showed up to voice their concerns (see References for link).[1] One of my favourite signs in Vancouver is one that read: “A vax so good they have to coerce and bribe you to take it.”

A full program of speakers and musicians at the Castlegar rally was repeatedly drowned out by passing truckers blaring their air horns in support. No doubt some of these truckers will join the cross-country caravan headed for Ottawa, starting January 23 and expected to converge on the nation’s capital by the 29th. “Recently, Freedom Fighter Nation was informed that approximately 38,000 Canadian truckers were walking off the job due to mandates going into effect on January 15 and 22, 2022, that would prevent Canadian and US truckers from crossing the border if they are unvaccinated.” [2]

Freedom Rally 01.22.22 5 lo-res

The January 22nd Freedom rally in Castlegar, BC lined both sides of the street with about 300 protestors. Photo Sean Arthur Joyce

I spoke to a Nakusp man, Shaun Patterson, who plans to join the convoy at Revelstoke, BC. Patterson spoke at the rally of losing his mother to what he claims is a “death by euthanasia” at the Trail regional hospital. Patterson’s elderly mother had been admitted to the Nakusp hospital with a respiratory condition that tested positive for Covid. She was then shipped to Trail, where she had been breathing on her own for 12 days and recovering well, if slowly, before she was placed on a ventilator—against her son’s express wishes. Within 12 hours, she began failing and she died on January 1st. Patterson says the fatal decline began immediately following a Covid vaccine, which he had also objected to.

The celebratory mood of the rally was fueled in part by recent news of Britain[3] backing out of the Covidian cult, plus data from recent studies of the 145 most vaccinated nations on Earth showing that they have the highest number of new Covid cases (the common cold-like Omicron) and the highest death count.[4] Even a mainstream media blackout can’t hide forever the growing mountain of evidence as scientists with integrity survey the data. And there are other reasons to celebrate. As I recently reported on WordPress[5] and Substack,[6] there have now been charges of crimes against humanity filed at the World Criminal Court, naming as defendants Boris Johnson, Bill Gates, and many other key players in the billionaire globalist cult.[7] This, rather than some late-stage epiphany, is probably more than anything what’s responsible for Prime Minister Johnson ending mask and vaccine mandates. Meanwhile in the US, the Supreme Court has denied President Biden the right to mandate Covid inoculations for federal employees,[8] a precedent useful for employees in the private sector as well.

Israel is one of the most vaccinated countries on the planet, yet this has done nothing to stop the spread of Covid. Here’s another reason to celebrate: In a stunning letter to the Israeli Ministry of Health, Professor Ehud Qimron of the Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University signalled to the world that it’s time they admitted failure with the vaccination campaign. As any immunologist who has yet to sell out to the globalist cult will tell you, the idea of reaching a “zero Covid” goal is a fantasy. It’s Immunology 101. As Professor Qimron writes to the Israeli government: “Two years late, you finally realize that a respiratory virus cannot be defeated and that any such attempt is doomed to fail. You do not admit it, because you have admitted almost no mistake in the last two years, but in retrospect it is clear that you have failed miserably in almost all of your actions, and even the media is already having a hard time covering your shame.”[9] I encourage readers to follow the link and read the entire letter.

Freedom Rally 01.22.22 1 lo-res

A full program of speakers and musicians kept the crowd entertained in Castlegar January 22nd. Photo Sean Arthur Joyce

Although it’s still too early for much information to have come out about the January 22nd rallies in cities across the globe, some video has already surfaced from the Freedom rally in Vancouver, Canada as well as Sydney and Adelaide, Australia. It’s great to see Australians out in their thousands even in the face of their government’s brutal fascist repression. Once again we see hundreds of thousands of people in the streets, not the “dozens” or “hundreds” reported in the mainstream media. I write about this in my forthcoming book, Words from the Dead: Relevant Readings in the Covid Age, where I discuss the Trusted News Initiative formed by the CBC and BBC as a means of squelching “misinformation” about Covid: “It was pathetic to watch the spectacle of a BBC reporter forcing through gritted teeth that only “hundreds” showed up for an anti-lockdown protest in London, when cellphone cameras recorded the tens of thousands who actually showed up. The pre-Covid cabal of the ‘Trusted’ News Initiative—Orwellian doublespeak if I ever heard it—has made the media lockdown complete. ‘Who watches the watchers?’ becomes ‘Who fact checks the fact checkers?’ The real journalism now is coming from the margins—the independents and bloggers. At a time when so much of reality has been inverted, these brave souls have proven to be the light, not the shadow, of journalism.”[10]

A recent interview with Anita Krishna, former news director at Global News BC, revealed that whenever she raised relevant questions about Covid or the vaccines, she was told: “Don’t ask questions. Just do your job.”[11] Imagine—telling a journalist “don’t ask questions!” Questions are a journalist’s stock-in-trade. That’s like saying to a carpenter, “Don’t use nails.” As I write in Words from the Dead: “In the spirit of the famous aphorism that a journalist’s job is to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable,” legendary White House journalist Helen Thomas once said: ‘I don’t think a tough question is disrespectful. We don’t go into journalism to be popular. It is our job to seek the truth and put constant pressure on our leaders until we get answers.’ Many others have noted that democracy is only possible when journalists are as devoted to ferreting out the truth as Thomas was, holding our leaders to account. Julian Assange put it this way: ‘If journalism is good, it is controversial by its nature.’”[12]

There are conflicting reports about what’s happening in Japan, with the usual parade of so-called “fact checkers” claiming that the country has not stopped its vaccine rollout. However, a blog for the Hal Turner Radio Show says: “The simple truth is that in September, the head of the Tokyo Medical Association went on national television and told Doctors to start using Ivermectin. They did. Here we are, a little over a month later, and COVID is almost non-existent in Japan! We stand by our story.”[13] However, it’s now confirmed that in India’s Uttar Pradesh, Covid has been all but eliminated by an aggressive application of Ivermectin treatment protocols—another cause for celebration.[14] Even mainstream MSN News, citing The Indian Express, confirms the report.[15]

While it’s important to be sceptical of anything “fact checked” by the mainstream media, we must be just as careful to check out news items circulating within the alternative media. There have been many such red herrings floated in these underground information streams during the past two years. It only undermines the credibility of the Resistance if we don’t do our homework and question our sources the same as we do for other media. I admit to having failed at that myself on occasion, despite conducting hours of research for each article. Sometimes the need for hope in desperately dark times can overwhelm our critical thinking faculties.

The fact is, as I’ve written elsewhere, a study of history proves that tyrants always, always overreach themselves, taking that one step too far that brings them crashing down. Whether that “one step too far” is the coercive, illegal vaccine mandates, only future history will tell. But it seems likely. “Throughout history, countries have risen and fallen on the backs of the blue-collar boys and girls, and this era is no different,” says the Freedom Convoy truckers’ website. “The decision by Trudeau and Biden to prevent trucker crossings at our borders by unvaccinated workers was the last straw—it represented the proverbial match that ignited a nation to action.”[16]

So there are plenty of good reasons for optimism and celebration in light of recent events. As lawyer Reiner Fuellmich said in a recent interview: “Fight! Don’t give up.”


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